Therm 400

  • Fully digitally controlled portable Soldering Iron

  • Peak power rating up to 72 watts

  • Compatible with common t12 soldering iron cartage

  • Oled display for temperature monitoring and adjustment

  • Connect directly to The PortaPWR Brick 1.0 via the Soldering Iron port

Easy to power

  • Input power via:

    • DC Barrel jack

Or connect it to our Brick 1.0

precision control

Thanks to the precision of our products digitally controlled interfaces you are able to dial in the temperature down to the last digit.

Quick Heating

Our Them 400 Soldering Iron can Heat up to 250 degree Celsius in just - seconds


Our Therm 400 Soldering Iron features auto temperature cool down when sitting in a resting position; this conservers your battery. However the iron will immediately start warming up as soon as its picked up!