I haven't gotten my item yet, how long will it take?

We ship Usps first class, expect to receive your package within 3-6 days

I have a problem with my item, can I return it?

Currently we do not except returns, but replacements are available. Contact Us If you have any issues


How do I power the Therm 400 Soldering Iron?

The Therm 400 soldering iron runs on 12-24 volts via a barrel jack. You are able to connect you Therm 400 to the brick 1.0 with the included cable

I'm using a lithium battery how do I protect it from overdischarge?

The Brick 1.0 has a settable voltage cut off to keep your lithium batteries safe. However connecting the Therm 400 soldering iron to the Brick 1.0 disables this feature.